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It made an impact on me. How about you ?

After giving birth to my kid couple of years back, I realized that my skin has become extremely dry, due to hormonal changes and also a major contribution of negligence during age of 20-30. I did try many products but I was left un-satisfied. I came to know about PlumGoodness from Instagram through one of my friend. Vegan and Paraben free flashed to me on Instagram first time and I just thought that “let me try”.

My Skin type : Dry & sensitive

Before use:

It was winter last year and my skin was going through torture where it used to

  • Stretch and pain because of dryness
  • I used to forget to apply cream
  • Other lotions were too greasy
  • Lack of quick absorption
  • Slight wrinkles on my leg and hand
  • Pigmentation on my right hand

After use:

I tried vanilla and fig first. After a week, my skin started showing improvements. It got its texture back and became smooth.  Since it is thick it had an ability to stay on my body. Because of fragrance I stopped forgetting and I built a routine. I realized, I have developed an inclination towards its fragrance. Finally after couple of months it reduced ageing effect and eventually pigmentation.

After that, I tried Choco latte and  more than me my kid enjoyed because of chocolate fragrance. One morning I was not happy, and when I opened up Choco latte , its fragrance hit my mind and did some magic. It up-lift my mood. Point to note, I am not a chocolate lover .

Now I want to try Kiwi.  I have mentioned benefits of Chocolate, Vanilla, and fig towards skin along with the reviews of PlumGoodness. Before we go in depth let me take you into the paraben world. What it is?

Paraben free skin care

Correct, a few months back I did not know. Did you ever wonder that lotions, creams, cosmetics which we use have parabens? Parabens is a group of compounds used as preservatives in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and in the food industry. With the rise in female cancer cases, usage of parabens, chemicals have started bothering me. Lot of research are happening to find out the contribution of parabens to cancerous diseases (breast cancer) though nothing concrete has been found. I learnt that conventional beauty products utilize petroleum based ingredients and usually rely on a host of other chemicals for their production process. These compounds are typically petroleum, aluminium, and lead. In fact, the most common personal care products utilize aluminium.

Vegan free

They claim they do not use or test on animals.

Thinking Hat

I was forced to think that will I have to ditch cosmetics, creams which is a daily necessity. Question over to you now, can you ditch your daily essentials, makeup box? Can you ditch your creams, moisturizers ?

I can’t and that’s where my hunt began. I realized that these things are core things which contributes to my personal appearance and self-esteem.


You will be curious to know that usage of vegan and paraben free products is trending globally both in US and France. Year over year, searches for the vegan skin care have grown by 83%.

As a result, I was able to find one of the stepping brands “Plum Goodness” . This brand claims 100% vegan and paraben free. I did lot of research on their website too. Before we go deep in detail, I shall suggest you to look for Parabens, phthalates, DEA, PABA.

Benefits of Chocolate, Vanilla and Fig:

  • Anti-oxidants
  • Stay healthy and beautiful. Good skin finally contributes to your confidence.
  • Very sweet aroma

PlumGoodness reviews :

Choco Latte Luxuriant Body Lotion


Click Link: Choco Latte Body Lotion

Texture :

  • Silky, Non-greasy, Light weight
  • Stays for whole day
  • Quick absorption, get absorbed in 2-3 strokes


  • Chocolate fragrance(Best , jaw-dropping)
  • Lingers for pretty good time

Skin type:  Moderate and can be used all seasons

Price:   Rs390 for 200 ml

Suggest: One of the best lotion and especially when you are looking for good fragrance which can make your day

Vanilla & Fig Sweet Fondue Body Lotion


Click Link : vanilla-fig-sweet-fondue-body-lotion

Texture :

  • Non-greasy, Thick
  • Stays for whole day
  • Quick absorption, get absorbed in 4-6 strokes


  • Vanilla fragrance (Very feminine)
  • Lingers for pretty much good time

Skin type:  Dry

Price:   Rs425 for 200 ml

Suggest: One of the best lotion for dry skin. I prefer this because my skin is extremely dry and I discovered a way to keep myself happy.

Improvements : Dispenser doesn’t work sometime. Behaviour of dispenser is un-predictable. Becomes irritating at times when you have to rush for office.

Overall Plum Goodness review:

  • Must have for good fragrance body lotion
  • They deliver what they claim
  • Good brand and worth try
  • Customer service is good. They keep you posted with latest updates on dispatch and delivery. I always received delivery in a day or two.
  • They do seek feedback on their products

Not to forget

  • Do keep an eye on reward points they offer.
  • You can shop at Plum Goodness Their products are also available on Amazon, Flip-kart, and Nykaa.
  • Don’t forget to go through their blog. 🙂 
  • Going to review Wild Cherries and kiwi luscious body lotion in couple of weeks. 

References for my post :

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