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skin type

Right skin product for your skin type

I am curious to know what happens when you land up at BodyShop, Sephora , or Kama Ayurveda store etc. How is the feeling? Is it good? Somewhere your brain also says to you , given do you think given an opportunity to pick everything, you will pick all.

Wait a moment. Given an opportunity will you pick all or you will pick what is right for you. Hmm…..(Silence)

I have closely watched customers at store and big question mark on their head. A thought which creeps their mind – is it meant for me ? This makes them visit multiple times at store, multiple times online visit in search to find Mr./Mrs. Right for their skin.

Don’t worry . All these thoughts are obvious. You have to understand that your skin does go through a change . You might not be working for 24 hours , 365 days but your body does.  There are several factors which contributes to your skin texture like ambience, working environment, stress, hormonal changes in your body ,products which you use etc. It is a longlist and I can help you when you chat with me to find out the root cause.

But now in general, I will help you to identify what your skin type is and what organic products you should consider during purchase. 

At high level, your skin texture is of four types:

  1. Oily Skin: Whenever you look at your face in mirror you have a feeling to lend some oil to needy.

Point to note :

  • Shiny appearance
  • Sebaceous glands work more than you and hence you have enlarged pores

Prone to: Since your sebaceous glands work so hard they don’t get a nap time and they get prone to blackheads and acne.

       Routine to follow :  Cleanse, Toner , Moisturize, Sunscreen

Ingredients for your skin : Use Citrus based products. Alcohol toners are out. Best friend is salicylic acid. It exfoliate, unclog pores, reduce shine and breakout. Use oil absorbing clay mask twice a week. Use oil-free moisturizer.

2. Dry Skin: This skin type is exactly opposite to oily skin.

Point to note :

  • Dry, red ,or flaky patches
  • After you wash your skin it stretches
  • Small pores will be visible on your skin

Prone to: Looks dull. Wrinkles or lines may develop easily 

Routine to follow :  Cleanse, Toner ( Not required), Moisturize, Sunscreen

Ingredients for your skin : Aloe vera, Chamomile, Oats. avoid scrubbing while bathing or drying. Use hydrating serum and look for hyaluronic acid. Use oil based moisturizer.

3. Normal Skin :  Chill .. I think you are used to taking stress and still not able to accept the fact that you have normal skin..Voila 

Point to note: 

  • Very few discoloration
  • Appear smooth and clear
  • Pores would be barely visible 

Prone to : None

Routine to follow :  Cleanse, Toner ( Not required), Moisturize, Sunscreen

Ingredients for your skin : Cucumber

4. Combination skin: Your skin is like a confused personality

Point to note:

  • Areas around chin, forehead, and nose will be oily 
  • Areas around eyes, hair and jaw lines often dry 

Prone to: Blackheads and medium pores

Routine to follow :  Cleanse, Toner ( Be careful with its usage), Moisturize, Sunscreen

Ingredients for your skin :  Rosemary extract

Apart from this, if your skin shows red spots, itching and irritation then its sensitive skin. You can try green tea for time being. Sunscreen with high SPF is must. Whenever I visit dermatologist, doctors do tell me that there is significant increase in rise of sensitive skin cases because of usage of wrong products on the skin over a duration.


1.Always try a skin product on a patch on your skin before you purchase. leave it for a day and if you feel comfortable then go and get into your care kit.

2. If you are using wrong product it will show following symptoms – burning sensation, or skin will show more flakes or excess oil on your skin, or inflammation.

3.  People who have acne should be careful with usage of harsh products like glycolic acid and retinol.

4. Right amount of creams have to be applied on face . You should ensure any product applies on face should get absorbed  in four- six minutes after application.

If you still have difficulty or puzzled to find out what is your skin type, then I will take you through a tour in couple of weeks from now which will help you to resolve all your queries. If you have any specific, you can always WhatsApp me.

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