Obi belt can improve your style. How to tie?

Obi belt

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Welcome to my blog.

If you are here then I am sure you want to explore something new. Let me tell you how it made a difference to my style and how it can help you. Do share your thoughts if you also come with some new tips to tie obi belt?

In my profession I often interact with clients and I have to be very professional. I was in hunt of something graceful which can make my look something different. I don’t have intent to get head turning on but something which boost my confidence and kill my monotonous style . Something has to be on creative platter and that’s where I explored Obi belt.  When all your five days are working then you have to think what adds more value as you do not want to keep something in your wardrobe just for weekend. Just remember everyday you work to bring an impact on yourself.

I knew this belt can add difference to your normal wear as it is very versatile. To my surprise “The Label Life” added obi belt on their collections.  I did not spend more than a second to purchase it which is so versatile.

What is Obi?

Obi is a belt and is used by Japanese mostly for kimono outfits. But current versions of obi belt are much more changed to adapt to current style.

Who should have it – Body Shape?

It goes very well on hourglass body shape.  Now rush your adrenaline how can you still style if your body does not fall into this body shape.

Did I give you a difficult task? 🙂

Common. Here are the ways:

  1. Triangle Body Shape : Wear loose shirt so that it balances lower body part and you can use this belt
  2. Inverted triangle Body Shape: Wear prom skirt which gives a fuller shape to your lower part and get your eyes rolling on only towards belt
  3. Rectangular Body Shape : You can try combination of first and second
  4. Works very well who have long torso

What colors can you get?

They come in neutral shades (Black, Tan, and Gold). If it is in trend then you will certainly see some more colors. For example I was able to spot Red color and you can refer below section from where to pick.

Where can I wear this?

Any accessories can be used anywhere. It depends how you style it.

  1. Office: Wear printed dress, or printed shirt. If you are working in an industry which commands more of profession then you should prefer on Thursday/Friday. If you are in creative industry then go for it any day
  2. Office: To bring more impact you can wear with plain dress
  3. Party or Casual: Maxi dress, Prom skirts. (Plain or printed), Kimono

How to tie obi belt?

There are several ways you can tie obi belt. One of the ways is shown in my video. More to come.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Use tummy tucker if you have bulging stomach
  2. Do not overload yourself with lot of accessories .This is my suggestion. Choice is yours
  3. Height less than five foot should avoid. You can go with narrow obi belts but difficult to find such obi belts. You can still give a try
  4. Be careful with the thickness of belt as it should go with your height
  5. Please do not follow fashion blindly unless and until you fit into it

Shop  :

The Label Life


Gold Obi belt – INR 1490




Bronze Obi Belt –  INR 1490/-



Black Obi belt INR 1490/-

You can wear in more ways. Stay tuned to see how you can do this. To ease your job you can follow also.

See you.

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