Versatile Tops you can wear |Workwear outfit ideas

Here is how to pull it off.

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Welcome back!

Before I proceed, let me throw some questions to you to check whether you should really spend time reading it or not. 🙂

  • Do you get baffled by a thought whether your choice was right or wrong after shopping?
  • Do you think “Will you be able to wear most of the times or not and get different look most of the times”?
  • When you see your wardrobe do you get frustrated at times? Oh! It is only for weekend.
  • Do you often get a feeling that you don’t have enough clothes for your office? Oh no!  I don’t want to wear this again and you have a craving for more.
  • Do you end up spending more than 15 minutes to decide what to wear?

If any of the questions is yes then this is the right place for you to go through this blog. 🙂 I will also let you know some upcoming brands which are yet unexplored by many of you.

Last week I came across a pretty dress and a top. For, worth fifteen minutes I was unable to decide that what do I pick? Finally, I picked top as I knew spending on top is going to give me much more return than spending on dress unless I have special reason to pick it.

I am going to share same with you where to invest when it comes to work-wear tops (especially meant for Thursday and Friday). You can try it on with some structured clothes during (Monday-Wednesday). Let’s take one example:


This top is so versatile that I can wear it on formal days (Monday-Wednesday), casual (Thursday and Friday in my profession, and on weekend)

Formal Look:

Pair with

  • Trousers (Neutral Shades)
  • Pencil skirt (Neutral shades)
  • Midi skirt
  • Blazer

Casual Look (Office)

Pair with

  • High waist trousers
  • Flared trousers
  • Skirt ( Any color and any length)

Casual Look (Weekend)

Pair with:

  • Jeans
  • Skirt
  • Capris
  • Denim jackets or any other jacket


Its worth spending on such tops which help you to keep your boredom away. You can also pick tops or blouses with dramatic sleeves.  Below is a demonstration to give you idea what all goes timeless. Prefer silk tops or blouses on anything.

Whether you’re headed to work, date night, or drinks with the girls this is the easiest way to get out the door in super chic style. Scroll through to shop your favorites!


Mango Silk Blouse

Tips: Any bottom you choose. You will rock the floor.


H&M Printed Top

Tips: This will go with any color. Close your eyes and pick anything. Best will go with white denim


Mango Shirt

Tips: Pick Red, Green, Khaki, White, Blue Denim, Ochre



Tips: This is my favorite because this is something unusual color combination and that’s the reason I included  it. I leave it to your imagination with what all you can combine.

Intermod is a formal work wear brand for women. If you are a modern professional woman, in a corporate career, then we surely must have something that will engage you.

Read more about them :



Tips: Easy pick for any skirt, jeans, Blazer because of neck design



Tips: Close your eyes and dress with anything. You will never go wrong


Tips: This also will not go wrong with any combination



Tips: Perfect for any date . Combine with pencil skirt irrespective of any colour. How about combining this with polka black skirt?



Tips: How about combining this with Ochre, or pink high waist trousers . Pick with cropped trousers.

Its Myntra and Jabong in-house brand and they use artificial intelligence behind these designs.



Tips: This will go with Rust, Brown, Maroon, Red, Green, Yellow, Ochre .. endless variation.


Tommy Hilfiger-Multicoloured-Striped-Shirt

Tips: Pair with any color. You will rock



Tips: You can combine easily with any color and everytime you will have different outfit coming overall

This brand is owned none other than by Deepika Padukone, Indian female actress


Tips: This is again close to my heart. You won’t get this color combination and print. Rare to find in this fabric.


  1. Do not wear sheer tops during any day in office
  2. Do not wear any skin revealing tops during any day in office in any profession and in any industry.                 If you have any questions, do write to me .  Stay tuned.

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