These powerful stripes will never let you down

Every wardrobe wants

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This is what your wardrobe needs

Welcome to my blog. 

I am sure you will also agree that stripes never go out of style. They will always keep your wardrobe refreshed.

Last week, I stepped out for window shopping along with my friend.  As usual we couldn’t restrict ourselves just to window shopping. Going through Tommy Hilfiger’s collection, she almost ended up suggesting me all dresses and I kept on rejecting. So much of rejection bothered me but through this I want to explain you why? I rejected because everything was horizontal stripes. 🙂  Following is a snapshot of Tommy’s SS17 collection.

Not exactly

Remember: Your style and what message you want to deliver to people through your clothes should drive Fashion and Fashion just alone shouldn’t drive you.

 Below are the excerpts from one of the blog through which I will explain you about Vertical and Horizontal lines.

1.       Vertical lines :These lines will always give you slimming effect compared to horizontal.

Vertical-1For example:  Lady on right looks slimmer compared to left even though both the dresses are of the same size.

2.       Horizontal lines : It’s true that they can make you look wider.

Horizontal-LinesIf you see above picture dress on right draws attention where horizontal line is placed. It gives you a wider effect. 

But more than the horizontal and vertical lines , placement matters. Close they appear, slimmer effect you will have.


As I said it takes your attention where it’s placed and hence instead of getting demotivated you can use to your benefit by contouring your body shape.


Boxes on extreme left and right gives slimmest look compared to other boxes. So now let’s imagine, we tuck shirts in jeans.  They can make you look wider because eyes will always get the attention where horizontal line is placed.  Similarly, belts which draws attention are not recommended for petite ladies.

A few examples:

  1. The beauty of this dress is that it has vertical lines around the border which gives a slimming effect. It can be very well carried by hourglass and petite body shape._57_zps16d04add.jpg
  2. This will work for hourglass, inverted triangle, rectangular body shape as it accentuate curves. Since it has straight line, inverted triangle body shape can also carry it easily.

    Vertical line dress

  3. Broader vertical stripes can be also tricky. Hence, before you pick its essential to try. I don’t suggest to pick stripe dresses online which are tricky. For example: a bodycon dress with stripes is very tricky. vert_stripes_dress_asos

So what you say horizontal lines – good or bad? 

Rule 1: Wider the stripe more easily your eyes will follow it. Do not wear wider lines on top if you are busty especially at work place.

Rule 2: Narrower the stripe more difficult for your eyes to follow as it gives seamless effect. It will draw attention like a vertical line. It will create a lengthy look .

Rule 3: Try to wear horizontal lines with open jacket or cardigan where it will give slimming look.

Rule 4: Dark contrast lines (Black and white top/blouse) will always draw much more attention and hence recommend to wear along with a jacket.

Want to try something out of the box: Try stripes on stripes with monochrome look and you will never be left disappointed

You can shop these if you like. Click on text below images:





These subtle lines are making such big impact Mango-long-silk-asymmetric-gown









Mango-cardigans-and-sweaters- vertical-stripes






Note: Try John Crew- Stripes will never let you down

So what do these lines say? Stay tuned for next week updates.

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