Smart SALE guide – What kind of Shopper you are

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SALE ! Most awaited moment .  This post is going to guide you what and how to shop during SALE, which according to me is a difficult time as your first objective should be not to get influenced.

First, lets identify what type of shopper you are :

  1. The Expert Shopper : You know exactly what you want
  2. The Lister : You know what features (color, type, or something similar which you would know) you want
  3. The Browser : You love to explore. If something inspires you , you will pick.
  4. The Novice: You know what is your need and problem you want to solve but you do not have an idea where to go and shop.

If you are Expert and Lister, Superb.. Hurray ..

If you are Browser and Novice then you have to do more hard work to keep a control on your pockets during sale as retail stores are looking for you only.  🙂

Here is the guide which can help you :

Rule 1: Do your homework, assess your wardrobe


Take out all items from your wardrobe and keep it on your bed.  Get a bag also. Start activity of yes or no on each cloth.  Items which fall into “No” category should go into bag and then to donation camp. Items which got credit of “Yes” should go back to your wardrobe.

Rule 2: Make a list



It should have all items which are not in a good shape and need to be replaced. Once done keep your stuff back to wardrobe.

Rule 3: Make your list complete

A few tips on wardrobe staples irrespective of Western or Indian wear

  • Tip 1:  Revisit number of neutral top or bottom you have. Try to have neutral shades

Color palette.jpg

  • Tip 2: Work on prints. List is endless but a couple of examples for your understanding :



They look so multicolored . Isn’t?

  • Tip 3: Work on jackets, blazer, shrugs, and cardigan as per your choice
  • Tip 4: Work on accessories
  • Tip 4: Refresh your loungewear and sleepwear. This is the time you can actually pick branded.
  • Tip 5: Shapewear should be always refreshed after every 6 months. Post six months its end of life even if you don’t use it that frequently.
  • Tip 6:  If you exercise then this is the right time to pick these.

Rule 4: Revisit your list after a break

This makes you prepared for any shopping actually and trust me if you work only on your list you will never get influenced and easily you will fall into the category of The Expert shopper or the Lister.



  1. Are you buying just because it is on SALE ?  Yes, then right moment to think again.
  2. How many times will you be able to wear?  Once, then try to pick if it offers you more than 50% – 70% discount.  If you will wear less than once or twice in a month, not a worth pick with 10% – 50% discount. If you cannot make  three to four outfits then again not a worth pick.
  3. How is the cloth fit?  If you are just fitting in and it doesn’t have a finger’s gap to stretch then please dump it.  If you have selected with a thought that in coming future you have plans to lose weight, trust me it never works.  Don’t get offended. My intent is to make you realize truth.
  4. Is this your Style ? Every person has it’s own style and that makes you comfortable.  Is it your style or you are trying to mimic because you saw on high street, or on your friend’s wardrobe.
  5. Brand was in your bucket list? Because brand was in your bucket list you picked it , but your routine doesn’t allow it. I just gave an example, you can think of many more scenarios.
  6. Shopping at the end of SALE season? Check thrice before you pick on quality, fit of the cloth and ensure you are not compromising anywhere.

Hope this helps you every-time when you go for shopping ( Online or in person).

Do let me know if you have any thoughts through comment.  This blog and post is meant to share knowledge and it cannot be successful without your inputs.

Happy Shopping !


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