How to Style Grey Blazer?

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Last evening while I was at work, a pop up came on my mail box . It was all about a reminder of a meeting scheduled by our colleagues (Subject Line: Dinner at TAJ. DONT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY) .  I did not had any clue about the meeting. I opened invite as a habit to prepare myself a day before. I see all big shot names from my organization . First thing which clicked my mind was – Oh Gosh! What am I going to wear this event? After a few minutes, I said to myself “Oh No- I do not want to go to event”. My mind was set that I will throw an excuse of not attending to this event.

Whole night passed by and no one bothered to check with me on my attendance.  I was relaxed and glad.  Morning my boss called up at 8 AM sharp and told me that my participation is required and no excuses. Ha Ha .. No one knows you better than your bosses. He also told me that it is an opportunity for me to meet some folks who have come from other geographies and make an impression so that they know that an identity exists who is known for her strengths bla bla bla.. :).

I didn’t had any other choice other than attending because when your boss tells you that your future can boom by attending such parties then you wouldn’t want to miss and so did I.

My irritation level started piling up as first there is a kid who has to be dropped to school and then secondly what do I wear ? Took a deep breath and here is what I wore last evening.

Quickly, I scanned and first thing which stroked was GREY Blazer ( do not ask me when did I take this pics) 😛 It was all taken by my friend in office.  I didn’t want to make it so formal so I decided to wear a light black cami inside. Picked a polka skirt which was just till knee.  My life saver , my shoes.  Since whole dress I felt is giving me a feel of masculine colors I decided to give a feminine touch.

When I got ready opened blazer didn’t give me a good confidence so I tied it up with braided belt. You can go through my look in the mentioned link .


Eventually I attended party, output was great. I was able to find some leads. I was confident during overall meet, my clothes didn’t bother me  and I was able to make right perception of my role to all my colleagues and seniors. By the way people did give me a good feedback on wrapping blazer and belt.

Do let me know your views? Have you encountered such situations when you have to get ready in last 5 minutes? If yes, do write me.


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