How to choose tricky colors for Indian skin?

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Well, I am sure you all would believe that there are some colors which you wont even touch because you are just unsure that how it would look on you ..

I also had same thought. I always wanted to have yellow color in my wardrobe because my closet was really missing that color. I knew that summer would be appropriate time to pick this color and as soon as summer set in I used to visit so many places to get right color of yellow which could go with my skin tone. But unfortunately after three months also I couldn’t get what I wanted .

So I was about to say that this color is not for me.  But one day I was just roaming casually in mall and one dress drew my attention. It was from ” stylebyAnd” and I really liked it. when I put on myself and stepped out of trial room, I could see that no one was able to move their eyes away..  That clicked me that its really doing wonder.  Good part is I still decided not to go ahead with it. Reason in coming lines.

After a day of analysis I realized and you can use following tricks to select colors which you always wanted but couldn’t pick because you always thought that it wouldn’t go on you.

  1. Mix it with neutral colors. This shirt has white and yellow lines. Because of white it lessen the impact of overall yellow color. So yellow is not able to dominate skin tone
  2. Wear a lipstick shade which always work on you. Don’t experiment when you are wearing tricky color . Play safe at this moment
  3. Do not accessorize much. Again play safe when it comes to accessories. This might not hold true always but safe to experiment as it depends on occasion also.



For the look

  1. Button up shirt is from “AND”
  2. Accessories : Swarovski
  3. Denim
  4. Goggles – Ray Ban




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