Fusion: Indian Saree and Western blouse

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With 13 years of experience now in corporate industry, I have gathered lot of experience that how people work, behave, unite in this industry. 13 years ago, no doubt it was quite male dominated culture in organizations. Now with diversity – diversity being enforced or a craving to get different and better results things have started changing. Past couple of years, I have seen many organizations playing much bigger role in bringing a balance between male and female workforce.

Why am I talking about all this?

Oh yes, with a bigger thought because I realized that whatever you wear communicates a message to all people who are surrounded next to you. You will be surprised to know that no attire can beat Sari. Primarily , Sari brings lot of elegance, dynamism, creativity and authority to your personality. Have you ever thought that why most of the females wear Sari in popular and traditional way of having front pallu? All because of above reasons as it gives a visual representation which communicates above traits.

I am a person who had a craving for sari but couldn’t go ahead because of many reasons .  Woke up late in morning, Thinking hassle who will do mix and match as previous day late night calls already exhausted you  and despite having sleep for 8 hours you still feel sluggish, bad fit of blouses etc.

Even though you managed to wear sari on special occasions, you realized that you are not so comfortable to carry all day through because you ended up managing it sometimes from top to bottom or from sides.  To add to your worry, your colleagues comes and gives you a feedback that you could have tied it neatly . Or you waited for dearest friend to help you in freshroom with again and again hassles of tying it as it was becoming unmanageable.

To ease all your worries , my post comes through on this subject where I showcase you that how easily you can do it in a matter of 5-8 minutes.

  1. Pick a shirt from your closet which is little tight fitting
  2. Length should be good
  3. Fabric should be something which stays along with your body and doesn’t create ruffles or peep out when your body moves
  4. This style doesn’t call for make up as personally I am minimalist make up person

These are couple of things which you will have to take care while you adopt this style.

I usually style such drapes when I have directors meeting, corporate meetings .

Step 1: I preferred button up collar as it gives me a comfort. Based on occasion , I decided to close all  buttons and give a highlight by having a brooch.


Step  2 : I had this pre-stitched saree concept.  This saves your time . Just a word of caution that it goes well with specific fabric. For example: in this case it is crepe on which Kalamkari is done.

Kalamkari saree.jpg


Step 3 :  Jewelry and make up at minimal as color talks. Let them play the role and be the center of attention.


Kalamkari Saree : Nimis ( You can search with this name in facebook) from Chennai

Brooch : Accessorize

Shirt: Allen Solly India

Let me know your opinion on this look and if you have different styles to carry , please do share.Kalamkari and allen solly bouse.jpg






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