Our Vision

I always had a challenge of getting myself right in five minutes be it any moment.I realized your style and presentation matters a lot . This can be a make or break in most of the situations as it infects the way you think , feel , and react.

Through this community I will share about Style, Beauty which helps you to carve your personality.

I take this as a challenge to see how do I bring impact on individual’s personality by contributing towards above mentioned areas.


Story Behind The Vision

I am visionary .

After spending approximately 13 years in software industry, I realized that just being in software industry is not my cup of tea and zeal of doing something new which could utilize my potential of creativity and giving back to society made me restless.

I can easily split these 13 years in three different zones :


Freedom in your life :  This is the time where you have utmost capacity to experiment with lot many things at your disposal. I observed many people, bachelors, in this zone and realized if this phase is carved best then a female has potential to do lot and go multifold high . She can fast-track herself.


End of Bachelorhood :  You start learning to compromise. That’s it. A beautiful phase starts in and I believe lot of soft skills come handy.


You start Loving yourself:  Motherhood is one of the phase which makes you realize that how important you are.  I have found many clients struggling since I have spend my time with clients in styling them.

More closer look on my experience – I have 13 years of experience in software industry.  Alongside, I have three years of experience in providing styling services (consulting ) to various fashion boutiques for their clients at Bangalore.

did struggle initially and learnt a lot.  All three different phases of my life has resulted in the origination of same where I want to contribute to society by my thoughts and will be glad if I can contribute a penny to any individual’s life by my story.