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Fusion: Indian Saree and Western blouse

With 13 years of experience now in corporate industry, I have gathered lot of experience that how people work, behave, unite in this industry. 13 years ago, no doubt it was quite male dominated culture in organizations. Now with diversity – diversity being enforced or a craving to get different and better results things have

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How to Style Grey Blazer?

Last evening while I was at work, a pop up came on my mail box . It was all about a reminder of a meeting scheduled by our colleagues (Subject Line: Dinner at TAJ. DONT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY) .  I did not had any clue about the meeting. I opened invite as a habit to prepare myself a day before. I see all

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8 Interesting ways to Style Tropical prints

Tropical print is not just for vacation

These powerful stripes will never let you down

Every wardrobe wants

Versatile Tops you can wear |Workwear outfit ideas

Here is how to pull it off.

Free and powerful guide |How to identify your skin type

Identify-skin type-dry-oily-normal-combination-skin care products